Everybody gotta Hustle. 

Sex workers, performers, artists, makers... However you make your stacks, Hustle & Bank knows your game and is here to help with photos that WERK as hard as you do. 

Hi! I'm Lucky.  

I'm a Melbourne-based photographer and former sex worker who got fed up with uninspired, overpriced, generic 'Ho photography' by sleazebag f*ckbois.

So in 2017 I decided to put my camera where my mouth is and started  collaborating with other working girls on our own terms.

Along the way I encountered others hustlin' hard - Performers, Artists, Makers, Models - and realised that my game was improving yours. 

Hustle & Bank is the result - images that capture you on top of your own unique game, that pull in the biz, and that don't sacrifice authenticity. 

Hustle & Bank is LGBTQIA+ and Gender Diverse friendly, supportive and f*cking proud business. 


"Ain't no shame baby do your thing; just make sure you're ahead of the game." 

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